04/01/2014  |  7 Hot Dogs Inspired by Philadelphia Phillies at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

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Baseball season is here, and there’s no better a way to root for your favorite home team—the Philadelphia Phillies!—than over handcrafted beers and inventively themed hot dogs.

All of our Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant locations are throwing on their bright red baseball caps to celebrate the return of the Phils’. As of 11 a.m. Friday, company-wide taps will release our signature Phillies-themed beer, Phightin’ Phils Pils (OG: 1.048; Color: 3; IBU: 45; ABV: 5.0%), just as our home team goes into battle against the Chicago Cubs. The refreshing Northern German-style pilsner brewed with traditional German noble hops is now an Iron Hill tradition, a perfect spring-and-summer beer that’ll boldly complement your cheers for the Phillies.

But, it gets better. As baseball fanatics go gaga over stadium snacks, Iron Hill makes sure you have some of those too. A hearty quarter-pound hot dog menu will hit Iron Hills near you, themed around the Phillies’ most iconic players and packed with home run flavors.

In preparation for Friday, we chit-chatted with our head chef Tim Andrews of Iron Hill Phoenixville, who’s gearing up to launch a location-specific roster of seven specialty hot dogs for hungry weekend fans.

5 Questions with Chef Tim Andrews:

What makes Iron Hill’s hot dogs so unique?

Tim Andrews: We wanted to hit every kind of hot dog lover. The Harry K Dog is more traditional, with sauerkraut, onions and mustard, and the Big Piece Dog is for topping lovers, with smoked brisket, onions and chipotle BBQ sauce. Everything on the menu is more than just hot dog—it’s a meal in a bun.

Of all the ingredients and toppings, which are you most excited about?

I’m excited about the Big Piece; it takes it to the next level with meat on top of meat and the sweet smoky heat from the chipotle BBQ sauce finishes it off.

With such an impressive hot dog lineup, which would be best to pair with the Phightin’ Phils Pils?

Pils is light-bodied and crisp with a slight hop bitterness. I would say the Ryne Dog would go best with it. The tomato, pickle and onion would go great with the crispness of the beer, and the slight hop flavor will balance out the heat of the sport peppers.

Let’s produce a second inning hot dog and beer pairing.

IPA and Cliff Lee Dog. The hops in the beer will not only cut through the richness of the avocado and bacon, but balance out some of the heat from the jalapenos.

Wild card: when it comes to the hot dog, do you consider yourself a ketchup-and-mustard purist, a Chicago-style traditionalist or a more-toppings-the-better trailblazer?

I love making dishes with complex flavor profiles, so I would say more-toppings-the-better is what I would like to cook. But when it comes time for me to eat it usually needs to happen as fast as possible so I’m more likely to throw a hot dog in the microwave and wrap a slice of white bread around it with yellow mustard.

7 Phillies-Themed Hot Dog Creations:

In addition to the Harry K Dog, the Big Piece Dog, the Ryne Dog and the Cliff Lee Dog detailed above, these three flavor-packed hot dogs join the Phoenixville lineup:

  • Reuben Amaro Dog — sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing
  • J-Roll Dog — smoked pork, creamy coleslaw, sweet mustard sauce
  • Revere Dog — smoked bacon-tomato jam., chopped red onion, cheddar

Entice your taste buds with Phillies-themed hot dog menus from other Iron Hill locations. And, if you’re greedy for another beer and hot dog pairing option, we suggest you order up an Ironbound Ale. The medium-bodied, crisp pale ale allows the big flavors of the hot dog to shine, without duking it out for the spotlight.

Are you a King of the Hill Rewards Club member? If you’re hitting Phoenixville, you’ll score an exclusive brown sugar-roasted peanut and bacon snack mix for Friday’s game day. Other locations will offer equally exclusive KOTH snacks like housemade crackerjack in West Chester, pretzel sticks with beer and cheese dip in Chestnut Hill, corn dogs in Newark, and much more. Become a new King of the Hill Rewards Club member here.

The Phoenixville location is one of ten Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurants in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey that will air Friday’s game, with the first pitch flying out at 2:20 p.m. Iron Hill specializes in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Make your online reservations to Friday’s event and in the meantime, start scouting Phoenixville’s current beer list to join chef Andrew in his hot dog and beer pairings.

Content provided by blogger Amy Strauss.

03/26/2014  |  New Beer Release: Lancaster Homebrew Winners & Iron Hill Beer Collaboration

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Winners of recent Iron Hill homebrew competition teamed up with the brewers of Iron Hill Lancaster to create one mighty beer—to be released this week.

They may have different personalities and musical picks, but two friends, colleagues and—most importantly—local homebrewing enthusiasts used what makes each unique to win the Lancaster Iron Brewer Homebrew Competition at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant of Lancaster.

Keith Hartman and Mike Frederick ruled our recent beer contest, a collaboration between Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant and Lancaster Homebrew, with a style they never brewed before. Their winning beer, Hippie vs. Punk, is an Imperial Black IPA with an assertive citrus/herbal hop character balanced by a firm, dark malt backbone. And, lucky for you, you’ll be able to try it this week—a batch made with Lancaster’s very own brewing team, Chad Rieker and Mike Ross.

Hippie vs. Punk Beer Facts

Hippie vs. Punk is a big IPA: 9.5% ABV. Lancaster Head Brewer Chad Rieker said it bested 200 other entries and won not only the contest but also the Brewer’s Pick. He’s confident it will be popular with customers, too.

“IPAs are huge right now. Our customers are very vocal about how much they love, need and want their IPA,” he added.

Iron Hill’s Ties with Local Homebrew Community

Chad was named our head brewer in Lancaster last January and began a relationship with the local homebrew community. The homebrew contest started as a way to bolster and bring attention to homebrewing in the area. Last year, it was all word of mouth and the contest far exceeded expectations. This year’s 200+ entries were tasted and rated by professional judges.

“We underestimated the lure to brew on a big system,” said Chad, who started as a homebrewer. “Keith and Mike can be really proud because they were selected by professionals from the BJCP—the Beer Judge Certification Program. I’m certified, and I can tell you it’s one of the most rigorous and difficult programs to pass.”

But, what does a hippie or a punk care about what “the man” thinks? Plenty when you get to brew at Iron Hill. And they seriously appreciate it.

“We want to thank Iron Hill and Lancaster Homebrew for hosting, and especially Iron Hill for showing us the ropes on their system,” Mike said.

Meet the Winning Homebrewers: the Punk & the Hippie

Keith, the punk, describes himself as “a grumpy kind of guy who listens to punk” and is a Belgian-style person at heart. Mike, the hippie, says he’s “laid back and listens to jam music” and is a sucker for an IPA.

“We were striving for very fresh with a hoppy in-your-face character,” Keith revealed. “You’re going to get nice aromas [with Hippie vs. Punk], really smell the hop character, before you even take one sip.”

“The bigger, the better,” Mike chimed in. “Keith’s a mad scientist and can usually pick out what’s missing. That’s the beauty of brewing: people take the same style and come up with something really different.”

Attend This Week’s Beer Release

Soon the people will speak: you can see how Keith and Mike did during the Hippie vs. Punk Beer Release this Friday, March 28, from 5 to 9 pm. Nosh the special Pixie Punk Wings, chicken wings with a spicy orange-chili sauce, a perfect match to the hoppy goodness. King of the Hill Rewards Club members get a complimentary plate. Not a King of the Hill Rewards Club member yet? No worries; join on the spot and receive the benefits during the Hippie vs. Punk release. It’s just $25 per year, and you grab 150 free points at sign-up and renewal, not to mention a treasure chest of other exclusive perks. Explore all of the King of the Hill perks here.

Are you a hippie? A punk? Neither? No matter: come see us this Friday and give this winner a sip. Or two.

With ten locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant specializes in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Make your online reservations to Friday’s event and in the meantime, start scouting Lancaster’s current beer list.

Content provided by blogger Nina Malone.

03/18/2014  |  Embrace the Bacon Madness This March at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

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For sports fans, March is one of the most important seasons of the year. March Madness basketball championships come in like a lion, with only meager teams leaving the courts like lambs. Brackets are cause for both joy and grief, and office pools quickly turn friends into foes.

There are others, though, who partake in a different kind of madness. A madness that is the brain-child of the genius chefs of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. A tasty madness that has a deep smoky flavor (and goes surprisingly well with chocolate).

Enter Bacon Madness

Dan Bethard, Executive Chef of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, shares that the method behind the (bacon) madness is a fun foodie play on March Madness. “We were in a meeting thinking of fun promotions that would create a buzz and drive guests into the restaurants,” Dan explains. “Since I’m a huge sports geek, I threw out ‘Bacon Madness.’ It’s an obvious play on March Madness that I knew most people, whether sports fans or not, had heard of. The bacon part was in homage to my third love (my family and sports being one and two). Who doesn’t love bacon?!”

Exclusive Bacon-Infused Menus Unveiled at All Iron Hills

From Thursday, March 20, until Sunday, March 23, each Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant will offer a unique bacon-themed menu created specifically for its location. Some will even be hosting exclusive events, such as the already sold-out Six Degrees of Bacon Beer Dinner in Wilmington (Kevin Bacon not included). From appetizers and main dishes to sweet-yet-savory desserts, there will be enough bacon to make Ron Swanson giggle with delight. Guests can try BLT bisque in Newark, lobster and bacon mac-n-cheese in Lancaster and bacon bourbon pecan pie in Chestnut Hill.

Double the Bacon Pleasure at Iron Hill West Chester

Chef Josh Jastrzembski of West Chester is featuring double the pleasure bacon menus. Along with the featured bacon menu, the West Chester location will be hosting a Bacon Beer Brunch at noon on Sunday, March 23. This event is the beautiful marriage between two of food’s most glorious creations. Start the brunch with rosemary blinis topped with smoked bacon and goat cheese butter, and pair them with a rosemary-infused Hefeweizen. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, as the event ends with a candied bacon tart paired with Russian Imperial Stout. Reservations are required; secure your spot by calling (610) 738–9600.

Iron Hill Media Specializes in Bacon Desserts

In Media, chef Jeremy Heckman begs the question, “What’s not good with bacon?” As bacon continues to be a popular food trend, we will see it being used in more unique ways, like desserts. Jeremy’s goal was to create a menu that was a little more traditional and that he knew Iron Hill customers would enjoy. His favorite Bacon Madness menu item is the candied bacon cannoli. “I tend to have a sweet tooth for desserts,” Jeremy explains. “I also think the sweetness is going to go great with the saltiness of the bacon. This was the idea of one of our waitresses, so it is always fun to turn someone’s idea into the real thing.”

The meaty madness hits all Iron Hill locations on Thursday, March 20. Click here to devour our ten unique, bacon-infused menus. All Iron Hill bacon events are chef-tested and Ron Swanson-approved.

Content provided by blogger Stephanie Anderson.


03/12/2014  |  Welcome to the Family: O’Sullivan Stout Debuts Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

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The very Irish name to be newly bestowed upon our signature Irish Dry Stout comes with a tale as charming as the Emerald Isle itself. It starts with two lads on a journey and ends with this year’s release of O’Sullivan Stout.

Four years before Mark Edelson and Kevin Finn opened their first Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant with Kevin Davies, they found themselves heading to a wedding in Belgium and decided to detour through Ireland. Mark and Kevin both have Irish roots, and Mark’s family homestead still stands proudly in Glanworth, County Cork. They’d heard tales of the town from Mark’s grandfather, who, though US born, spent summers in Ireland. Mark’s great uncle, Tomás O’Sullivan, still lives on the family homestead and, even in his late 80s, keeps himself busy raising greyhounds. And mowing the family cemetery.

“You would not believe how important the cemetery is there,” Mark explained. “That’s the first place he took us, telling us about the entire family history as we went from gravestone to gravestone. He even had my great grandmother’s obituary that proudly talked about the sons she raised and how they fought for Ireland.”

The day was filled with many stories, as the homestead dates back more than a century. Mark and Kevin no doubt gave Tomás a new tale to tell, as they didn’t call ahead about their visit but instead surprised him. Glanworth is such a small village that they simply stopped in the post office, asked where Tomás lived and made their way to his front door, where they were greeted with back slaps and hugs and a trip to the pub for a pint (or several) of that other dry Irish stout.

As avid award-winning homebrewers, Mark and Kevin’s four days in Ireland did include a pilgrimage to the Guinness Brewery. Yet all these years later the moments that really stick are family and a small Irish village, and relatives and new friends so happy to meet the boys from the states.

“We ran into one of my grandfather’s childhood friends, and when Uncle Tomás asked, ‘Guess who this is?,’ he was close—he thought I was my uncle, but he knew I was family,” Mark added.

As of Friday, March 14, at 5 p.m., O’Sullivan Stout will become part of the Iron Hill family. Simultaneously released at all 10 Iron Hill locations, the Stout will be celebrated through St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, March 17. O’Sullivan Stout (OG: 1.038; Color: 50; IBU: 20; ABV: 3.8%) is a classic made in the Irish tradition: it’s black in color with a toasty malt flavor and a pronounced bitterness, served on nitro for a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. It will be the perfect accompaniment to the Irish food specials running St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Mark’s family is ecstatic over the renaming. You’ll be delighted when you get your share and taste what it’s like to come from the Land of Saints and Scholars. Sláinte!

Content provide by blogger Nina Malone.

03/11/2014  |  Wilmington Culinary Champ Claims Victory Over 2014 Iron Hill Iron Chef Competition

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On his seventh day of work ever at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant of Wilmington, Jose Hernandez won the Iron Hill Iron Chef Competition.

Jose Hernandez

The internal culinary competition, organized to pit Iron Hill’s hourly cooks against one another in a vigorous, old-fashioned food battle, first starts in-house. Each of our ten locations welcomes its kitchen staff members to prepare and present original recipes to a panel of judges, in the hopes of claiming dominance and nabbing a slot in the final culinary challenge.

The chefs obliged, lining up throughout the month of February and into early March to flex their kitchen chops with creative compositions.

The aforementioned Jose, who on his second day of work spied the details of the cook-off and immediately signed up to compete, rivaled his fellow (new) Wilmington co-workers with a clever, flavor-packed rendition of shrimp ceviche. This citrus-cured, strawberry-accented seafood ultimately granted him one of ten spots in the final championship, which unfolded bright and early on March 5 at 8 a.m.

As Hernandez set up his cooking station in his home kitchen last Wednesday (the HQ of our culinary competition), beside him were nine of our locations’ best cheftestants readying their mise en place, eager to compete with their best dishes. Iron Hill’s head chefs flocked to the Delaware kitchen, too, rallying together to support their kitchen staffers.

As the clock struck 9 a.m., heated rounds of judging began, with Chef Dan Bethard, Iron Hill’s Assistant Director of Culinary Operations, critiquing each composition’s presentation, flavor and creativity, rounding out the panel beside Kevin Finn, CEO & President, and me.

Dazzled by a remarkable range of international skill sets, flavor profiles and plating techniques, we three judges had a tough task ahead—to award just one best dish. From the punchy pork empanada duo courtesy of Chestnut Hill’s Lauren Young elevated with apricot chutney and handcrafted hot sauce, to the vibrant mussel salad by Lancaster’s Mick Kalata executed with a life-changing brown butter vinaigrette, we were quickly impressed by the caliber of culinary talent backing our kitchens.

Lauren Young & Mick KalataLauren Young & Mick Kalata

We applauded Victor Aguilar of Maple Shade’s creativity with his adobo ribs, where he opted to celebrate cactus multiple ways through a hearty platter of melt-in-your-mouth ribs and polenta cream pasta. Phoenixville’s Eugeny Pronin threw the authentic flavors of Kung Pao chicken on a pedestal, one crafted much lighter and brighter than any rendition we’ve taste-tested. North WalesRich Krotee produced a mighty pan-seared salmon that celebrated his parents’ past in Puerto Rico—one with perfectly prepared seafood crowning a mountain of Spanish rice and accented with a lively cilantro puree. And, we were instantly intrigued by Luis Melendez of Media’s shrimp and chorizo-stuffed chicken roulade, which only became more interesting with its accompaniments of smoked Gouda, bacon rice cakes and avocado- and apple-spiked salad.

Clockwise: Luis Melendez, Victor Aguilar, Eugeny Pronin
Clockwise: Luis Melendez, Victor Aguilar, Eugeny Pronin

Kevin was vocal with his love Jason Thompson of Newark’s chive basil sauce, which heightened the tasting experience of his Mediterranean-inspired salmon cakes, and Dan was particularly fond of the cranberry chutney that entertained his palate on Jason Kobilis of Voorhees’ grilled flat iron steak. Captivating my tasting session were the bold, rich flavors of Romeo Jimenez of West Chester’s pork shrimp stew, a New Orleans-inspired dish that he later revealed was a recipe he liked to surprise his wife with (lucky gal!).

Pat Niland, Jason KobilisJason Thompson & Jason Kobilis

But, after elaborately tasting each dish and deliberating over who should be crowned 2014’s Iron Hill Iron Chef, we announced Hernandez’s victory. The prize? A $1,000 prize pack of hand-selected, high-end kitchen gear. Our Iron Chef runner-ups, Chestnut Hill’s Lauren Young and Lancaster’s Mick Kalata, each earned recognition for their impressive creations—and cash prizes, too. Better yet, all participants were rewarded $25 for participating and bragging rights for placing in the final competition and representing each of their own stores.

Content provided by blogger Amy Strauss. Photography by Brian Penn Photography.

03/05/2014  |  Meet the Iron Hill Team: Kevin Walter, Voorhees’ Head Brewer

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Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is a growing company with a community of food and craft beer lovers. Both our customers and our team are integral parts of our culture and important to our growth. One of our core values is people—we are committed to creating a culture with opportunities for personal growth and development, a positive work environment and personal life balance. As part of our culture, we believe in ongoing management development and often have employees who work at a variety of locations during their careers. When we see talent, we foster it, offering opportunities for advancement.

In this blog post, we are proud to showcase an outstanding team member who has grown with us over the years.

Meet Kevin Walter.

Years at Iron Hill Brewery:


Current position:

Head Brewer, Voorhees (2014)

His Iron Hill journey.

“I was originally hired as a server but was lucky enough to be hired into the brewery shortly after I started my server training. I worked in Media as the assistant brewer and ran our Lancaster brewery as the head brewer. After that I had a six-month stint in West Chester before I shifted over to our tenth location, Voorhees, where I helped build the brewery and am now the head brewer.”

On working at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant.

“I work for a company that genuinely cares about its employees and has given me the opportunity to learn a trade that turned into my life’s work.”

His brewing portfolio.

“I started home brewing while I was in college but didn’t get serious about it until I got hired into the brewery in Media. I always wanted to make something tangible that I could share with people. I’m just happy it ended up being beer!”

Favorite beer that he’s made.

“My favorite recipes that I’ve tweaked over the years are either my Belgian Saison or English IPA.”

Favorite overall beers.

“Orval, Sly Fox Pikeland Pils and Iron Hill’s Caprice from our Maple Shade location.”

Brewer that he admires the most.

“Jeff O’Neil of Peekskill Brewery. He consistently follows his own path on his own terms and makes some of the best beer I’ve ever tasted.”

Favorite menu item.

“The Mediterranean Wrap is great! I eat at the restaurant almost every day and it’s the item I go back to time after time.”

Favorite band.

“The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.”

Favorite movie.

“Too many to name!”


“I have two at the moment. Left forearm is the trail marker from a trail that I hiked over 7 days with a group of my closest friends in Ireland in 2007. Right forearm is crossed keys with my and my wife’s initials.”

How does he feel about beards in the summer months?

“Beards, always.”

Content provided by blogger Mary Bigham.

02/21/2014  |  Let Us Eat Chocolate Cake & Raise Fundraising Money Too!

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Decadence arrives in charitable first class at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant with our Triple Chocolate Hill dessert. For every purchase of our signature double-fudge brownie nesting on a pool of dreamy chocolate, peanut butter and caramel sauce, we will donate $1.50 to charity (.75 to a local charity and .75 to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer).

But, where did this genius idea of sealing the deal on a beer-centric meal with a cocoa-packed dessert for charity come from? We rallied our Owner and President, Kevin Finn, to give us the full report.

“Giving back to the community is one of the core values at Iron Hill,” shared Finn. “It probably stems from my partner, Mark Edelson, and my involvement as young men in the Jaycees, or Junior Chamber of Commerce. We did a great deal of fundraising with that organization, and I think we carried that into our business.”

Successfully so, too! Companywide in 2013, the fundraising efforts of the Chocolate Hill Donation program alone raised $37,299, half of which ($18,649.50) went directly to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. The remaining portion of funds were donated to local non-profits throughout Iron Hill’s tri-state area.

Iron Hill’s choice to work specifically with CureSearch across the board was for very personal reasons, Kevin revealed. “Mark’s wife is a pediatric oncologist who works at the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, and she knew CureSearch was doing great things to fight childhood cancer through research programs and asked us to adopt them as our company charity.” They dutifully agreed.

“It has been a great partnership,” continued Kevin, who, along with many other Iron Hill team members, attends CureSearch’s annual fundraising walk, where the crew presents the year’s fundraising proceeds. This year, the walk falls on May 14 in the Philadelphia Zoo.

As teased above, Iron Hill not only contributes to CureSearch, but we also donate to 10 community-based charities that reside in the neighborhoods of our brewpubs. “When we choose a location for a new restaurant, we prefer sites that have a vibrant community,” revealed Finn. “We select communities that we can be a part of, where giving back to that community makes sense.”

As part of the Chocolate Hill Donation, managers of each store select charities in their immediate communities that they believe are “good fits” for working with our company. For example, for 2014, our West Chester location has partnered with the Chester County Food Bank as a fundraising appointee and, in Phoenixville, they’re supporting the Main Line Animal Rescue.

Other local foundations we’ve united together to support include the Variety: The Children’s Charity (in Newark), Easter Seals (in Media), Delaware HIV Consortium (in Wilmington), Nathaniel Kirkland Foundation (in Maple Shade), Weavers Way Community Programs (in Chestnut Hill) and the Virtua Foundation (in Voorhees). Both our North Wales and Lancaster locations will be collecting for local YMCAs.

Next time you contemplate whether you have room for dessert, consider this: you’re not only treating yourself to a euphoric ending, but you’re also making a difference. How sweet is that?!

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant’s additional fundraising efforts include the Give 20 program, which you can learn about here. Each Triple Chocolate Hill costs $8.95 and includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Content provided by blogger Amy Strauss.

02/21/2014  |  May The Force Be With You: The Dark Side Invades Iron Hill Wilmington

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Just how dark is your dark side? Saturday, February 22, from 3–7 p.m., hop-heads who salivate over dark beers will be able to converge upon our brewery in Wilmington for The Dark Side, our 5th Annual Brewers’ Reserve. This multi-tap event showcases a great assembly of “dark” themed beers from Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant as well as other guest breweries. Guests will even have a chance to rub shoulders with Darth Vader, who’ll be serving and available for photo ops.

Brian Finn, our Head Brewer at Wilmington, shared how the Dark Side Party came to life. “The idea came about when we brewed a beer that is not necessarily a style. I always thought Dunkel (dark lager) was not dark enough and Schwarzbier (black lager) was not strong enough for my taste. I quickly realized I had a brewery at my disposal and brewed what ended up being a 9% alcohol, very dark lager. Being a fan of Star Wars and Pink Floyd and the beer being so dark, I decided to call it The Dark Side. We then decided that we could celebrate all dark beers by releasing it at a ‘Dark Side’ party.”

The rest is dark history!

This will be our General Manager Jordan DeMaio’s first year being involved. Jordan started at the Wilmington Iron Hill Brewery in 2007, when the Dark Side event was not even a thought in Brian Finn’s brilliant, craft-brewing mind. Now that Jordan is GM, he is delighted to see how the Dark Side party will evolve. “Coming back as the General Manager in the place where my career started with Iron Hill has been an exciting experience for me, and this event has become a great one that I’m certain we’re going to advance further this year,” Jordan shared. “There is no event like this one in this area. You simply won’t find a collection of beers like these all in one place at one time.”

And Brian has truly outdone himself this year. Guests will have the opportunity to sample 10 of the beers on tap. After sampling a broad range, participants can then narrow down to one or two favorites that they can order in a full-sized serving. One of the beers that Brian is proud to be showcasing is Dark Helmet, the creation of his roommate and head brewer of Stewart’s Brewing Company in Bear, DE. This beer is a dark lager at around 7.5% ABV. Brian said, “We have taken to calling the style ‘Delaware-style Imperial Schwarzbier.’” Other guest breweries and the beers they’ll be serving will include Green Flash Brewing Company’s Double Stout, Magic Hat Brewing Company’s Heart of Darkness Stout, Uinta Brewing Company’s Dubhe Imperial Black, and Allagash Brewing Company’s Allagash Black IPA.

Iron Hill fans will, of course, be able to sample some of our fantastic dark beers crafted in-house. The Dark Side will be available, as well as Luco Brazzi Coffee Stout. This recipe was formulated by the winners of our Iron Brewer competition. For those who love malty beers with high-roasted character, IHB’s highly awarded Russian Imperial Stout will be on tap. It has been a Great American Beer Festival winner for several years. And we can’t forget our Oompa Loompa Chocolate Stout, brewed with 22 pounds of Belgian bittersweet chocolate and aged with 10 pounds of cocoa nibs. Last will be the Shokolad Stout, a full-bodied Imperial Stout brewed with 44 pounds of chocolate and aged with fresh cocoa nibs and whole vanilla beans.

One of the event’s crowning jewels will be Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout. This is an incredibly rare and hard-to-get beer of which we’ll only have a small sampling. It is a 14% Russian Stout, aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels for a year and released annually on Black Friday. This is when membership has its privileges, especially with us! Brian explained, “We are releasing this to our King of the Hill Loyalty Club members at 2 p.m., along with a preview of the rest of the beers before we release them to the general public.”

Will you be embracing your Dark Side this weekend? The fun begins at 3 p.m. at Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Wilmington. Beer enthusiasm required; light sabers optional. Click here for more information about Saturday’s event, or for details on other upcoming events coming to our Wilmington location.

Content provided by blogger Stephanie Anderson.

02/18/2014  |  Premiere Steak & Stout Menu Debuts February 2014 at all Iron Hill Locations

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After years of winning medals, we’re honoring our beloved Russian Imperial Stout with its own delectable steak menu.

On Friday, February 21, all Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant locations will be launching the Russian Imperial Stout and Steak Menu. Six special steak options will be available to pair with your Imperial Stout, or any other Iron Hill beer of choice, through Tuesday, March 4.

Our Director of Brewery Operations and Owner, Mark Edelson, explained that this Imperial Stout was due for a celebration. “Year after year, the Russian Imperial Stout wins awards and we have never held a company-wide event around it. Part of Iron Hill’s culture is food and beer, so we looked for a food worthy of such an award winner. The finest cuts of beef seemed to fit the bill.”

Russian Imperial Stout is brewed at most Iron Hill locations only once a year, though our Media Head Brewer, Bob Barrar (pictured to left), brews it three or four times a year and also brews 750-ml Bottled Reserves that are available in the restaurant. Barrar and our Iron Hill Newark Head Brewer, Justin Sproul, first dreamed up the Imperial Stout while at Chicago’s Siebel Institute of Technology in 2001. Shortly upon their return to Iron Hill, Justin formulated a batch and customers raved. Bob entered the stout in the Great American Beer Festival in 2003, and Iron Hill was awarded the Gold Medal. Since then, this stout has won nine total medals in competition.

“Since the Russian Imperial Stout is brewed with dark roasted malts,” Edelson said, “it has a wonderful roasted character which pairs very well with our steaks.”

So, what’s all the beef about this new six-steak menu? Be tempted: there’s a cut of steak that’s sure to satisfy your appetite. Try our Pan-Roasted Filet Mignon, which arrives wrapped in bacon and with caramelized shallots, or delight your palate with our Char-Grilled Ribeye Steak that’s cozy with cheesy mashed potatoes and onion rings. Another char-grilled option, our Porterhouse Steak, is elevated with enticing accompaniments like stuffed mushrooms and wedge fries.

We haven’t forgotten spice lovers either, with two heat-forward cuts making an appearance on the menu: the Steak au Poivre, a New York Strip Steak served in a green peppercorn sauce, and our Red Chile Rubbed Flat Iron, finished with a chipotle-lime sauce. Surf and Turf fanatics, you may want to consider making a reservation, too. Rounding out the menu are our pan-seared beef tenderloin medallions served with a Maine-lobster mushroom sauté.

Pricing ranges from $24.95 to $35.95 for every dish on our special steak menu. Learn more about the upcoming Stout and Steak featurette, or entice your appetite with the full menu here.

Content by blogger Jim Breslin.

02/12/2014  |  Impress Your Date and Your Taste Buds with Iron Hill Newark’s Love Potion #9 Beer Release

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One of the best gigs in town this week is the day before Valentine’s Day at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, Newark. A seductive chocolate-coconut stout will be released to the thirsty masses plus exclusive sweets and surprise prizes for King of the Hill Rewards Club members.

Love Potion #9 (ABV 6%) will hit the taps at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 13. Head Brewer Justin Sproul says you’ll taste distinct chocolate notes throughout and impressive coconut in the finish.

“We used a malt pale chocolate—and plenty of it—in production, but while it was boiling we melted in real baker’s chocolate, too,” he explained. “Then at the end, right before fermentation, we added shredded toasted coconut, and let it sit for a good long time. It went to fermentation after it had plenty of time to pick up great coconut flavor.”

Justin toasted the coconut himself to make sure it was just right. His vision is a happy marriage between malty and sweet English-style stout, rich chocolate and toasty coconut. He wanted to do something different, just in time for Valentine’s Day, from Iron Hill’s trademark IPAs and hoppier beers. He also noticed women in the brewpub really enjoying maltier options like stouts and porters. Smart man.

King of the Hill Rewards Club members’ hearts will swell during the release party as they fall in love with a complimentary small plate dessert with their first pint. Justin expects that to be a coconut chocolate truffle, but there could be some surprises. King of the Hill cardholders also will have the chance to win prizes every hour during the 5 to 8 p.m. release party. Sweethearts will swoon to learn that could include a gift pack of Justin’s favorites…but, he teases, “you’ll have to show up to find out.”

Not yet a King of the Hill Rewards Club member? No worries, as you can join on the spot and receive the benefits during the Love Potion #9 release and for a full year. It’s just $25 per year, and you grab 150 free points at sign-up and renewal, not to mention a treasure trove of other exclusive perks. Learn more here.

More good news: the love affair doesn’t have to end. Iron Hill Newark will serve up a tasty Valentine’s Day Menu from 5 to 10 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 14, and Saturday, Feb. 15. Mark your calendar for all our monthly events and our seasonal releases so you never miss anything that unfolds at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant.

Content provided by blogger Nina Malone.