Kryptonite Double IPA

Kryptonite Double IPA

If Hops are Your Weakness, Meet Your Kryptonite.

9.4% ABV

Consider yourself warned. With twice the normal amount of hops for out-of-this-world bitterness and flavors of citrus, tropical fruits and pine, you can't not give into this American Double IPA.

You're not ready for this.

Trust Us. Kryptonite IPA mixed with our Chicken & Baby Back Ribs is a combo that's all but impossible to resist. Fortunately you don't have to—you can even take it home.

It's all about the tropical and citrus hop flavors of the Kryptonite mixed with caramelized meat and Bedotter Ale BBQ Glaze. Oh and the best part—you can oorder online and grab a four pack to go when you come in for the pickup.

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