Rising Sun IPA

Rising Sun IPA

7.3% ABV 41 IBU

This beer may be an American-IPA in style, but its feel and flavor come from its Japanese Sorachi Ace single-hop recipe. Bursting with notes of lemon and coconut, every sip is light and well-balanced. But, rest assured, this nimble brew still has that hop-kick you're looking for.
Available on tap and in 4-packs to take home and enjoy starting January 17th.

What to pair with this ninja of a beer:

You can't go wrong with spicy foods like curries or even tacos. This beer's hoppy, bitter finish cuts through the heat.

Light, fresh foods like salad and seafood are really complemented by its notes of fresh lemon.

And it goes especially well with grilled pork chops. The sweet coconut notes balance the smoky chargrilled flavor while also complementing the pork's subtle sweetness.

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