King of the Hill Appreciation Night

King of the Hill Appreciation Night

King of The Hill Night is Thursday, October 6th!

As always, King of the Hill Members get double points all day and half priced growlers from 6pm-8pm. King of the Hill Members will also be able to enjoy a tasting of:

Bourbon Barrel-Age Jack O' Latte
OG: 1.065 Color: 29.5 IBU: 15 ABV: 6.0%

Think Pumpkin Spiced Latte with a shot of Bourbon. First, the rich and decadent malt flavors take over with roasty chocolate, followed with hints of vanilla, pumpkin spice and a touch of sweetness from the addition of lactose. Hints of freshly brewed espresso dance on the taste buds. To finish it all up we’ve aged the beer on Bourbon Barrels for smooth flavors of Bourbon, Caramel and Char. Only thing missing is the Latte foam art.

Food Pairing: Pumpkin Arancini- brown butter dipping sauce

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