The Mystery of the Missing Salmon Spring Rolls by Guest Blogger/Loyal Customer, Nina Malone

by | 11/29/2022

As many of you may know, on our most recent menu change, the coveted Salmon Spring Rolls were removed from the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant menu. Shortly following the launch we experienced an upswell of outrage from Salmon Spring Roll lovers all over.

One of the most passionate, has been Nina Malone, a frequent customer from our West Chester location. She started her own social media revolt to bring her favorite menu item back!


Nina & Co.’s persistence paid off and our culinary team was convinced that the Salmon Spring Rolls deserved another shot on our upcoming Fall menu test to see if they can make the cut! I’ve invited Nina to be our guest blogger to announce the return of the Salmon Spring Roll, she’s even organized a tweet up to celebrate! Hope you’ll show your love and come out to help her “Support the Salmon Spring Rolls!”

We thank you Nina, for your passion and loyalty!

The Mystery of the Missing Salmon Spring Rolls

It was a night like any ordinary night in an ordinary town. West Chester, WC, Dub-C: whatever you call it, it was not prepared for the mayhem to follow.

The hubs and I wandered into a favorite local haunt for freshly made brews and the best appetizer to ever hit a plate in any restaurant: Salmon Spring Rolls. Yep, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant was about to earn some coin from hungry locals.

We bellied up to the bar, ordered seasonal beers and asked for menus. All small talk ceased when we saw the “Signature Egg Roll” section. Something was new, but something was off.

There were no Salmon Spring Rolls.

A paralyzing fear gripped us. I looked at hubs, who was madly flipping through the rest of the menu muttering “they must be here somewhere,” and started to do the same. Maybe “Shared Plates”? Maybe the powers that be transformed the most delectable salmon treat I’ve ever eaten into an “Entrée”? Perhaps it was relegated to the “Gluten Free Menu”?

Sweat formed on our brows, and I noticed my breathing was becoming shallow. We hailed the barkeep and asked her for the straight scoop: “Where are the Salmon Spring Rolls?”

We watched in horror as she drew a long breath and gave her fellow mixologist a sideward glance.

“They’re not on the menu anymore.”

Now, hubs and I are strong people, but I could swear I saw him holding back a tear. I know it was all I could do to compose myself. I started babbling about how it couldn’t be true, and what was a non-meat-or-chicken-eater going to have, and they must be insane to remove a unique item you really couldn’t get anywhere else, and that it wasn’t fair ….

The ‘tenders looked at each other knowingly. Apparently, this was the common reaction to the unfathomable news that Salmon Spring Rolls had again been removed from the menu. They reminisced about the SSR Revolution of five years ago, and how customer feedback had gotten those delightful delicacies back on the menu.

Right then and there, armed with social media not available five years prior and an army of foodie locals, I swore to start the SSR Revolution of 2011 and get my favorite item back on the menu. I began to “pester” (if you can call #loveyoursalmonspringrollstalker just pestering) @ironhillchief Kevin Finn on Twitter and Facebook. Just “subtle” reminders such as “What the [email protected]#$%^&*( am I going to eat now?” or posting pictures of the menu and asking “What’s missing here?” or rallying my faithful followers to support the #SSR revolution by encouraging them to request Salmon Spring Rolls every time they visit Iron Hill. At every Iron Hill location. Did I mention every time?

And, guess what? Here I am, guest blogging for Iron Hill because Kevin and company listened. Not that they had much of a choice; social media takes on a life of its own, goes viral and shouts “I’m here and I’m not going away.” In fact, they listened so much that I’ve been invited to host the Return of the Salmon Spring Rolls at Iron Hill West Chester on Thursday, Sept. 22, from 5-7 pm. Revel in the glory of #SSR while enjoying drink specials. How can you resist?

Vive la revolution! Celebrate with us on Sept. 22. I’ll be the one at the bar stuffing my face full of Salmon Spring Rolls.

nina-malone-ssr1-150x150.jpgNina Malone is a foodie health nut who is passionate to a fault about what she likes. When she’s not dining and quaffing about town or rallying the troops to get behind the SSR Revolution, she’s bringing natural personal care and wellness products to the masses as an Arbonne area manager/consultant. Join the revolution: @itsninamalone,